11 Different Types Of Cutlery Set Used In Food & Beverage Services

Sometimes you go to fine dining and see people eating different cuisines with various cutleries. It’s ok to feel out of place at that time! You are not left with any other option but to copy them as they bite their food. What makes it even more complex is that these cutleries sometimes don’t just have types but also look like each other.
Don’t worry! We have got your back. We all have had the struggle of learning it all. To avoid such embarrassment in the future, we have devised a list of utensils you must know before going to a fancy restaurant.

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1. Dinner Forks

A dinner fork is a regular type of silverware used for everyday dinners. This is also bigger as to eat smaller portions of the food, like veggies. It is often there in everyone’s table cutlery because of its essentiality. You can check out the Stainless steel fork set by VarEesha, exquisitely hand-crafted.

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2. Dinner Knife

These knives are typically long and used in formal and informal dining. It is used in all meals to cut food or push it around the plate. These are often included in a spoon and fork set. Hammered stainless steel cutlery set by VarEesha can be a fantastic choice for a family dinner.

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3. Dinner Spoons

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The trusty tablespoon is an indispensable part of any cutlery set. It features a large, oval-shaped bowl and a long handle, perfect for serving soups, stews, or sauces. Its versatility also makes it suitable for dishing out desserts or measuring ingredients in the kitchen.

4. Serving Spoons

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When serving large dishes or family-style meals, the serving spoon and fork come to your rescue. These utensils are characterized by their larger size and broader shape, allowing for the effortless serving of vegetables, rice, meats, and other delectable delights.

5. Soup Spoon

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The soup spoon is designed with a more profound and rounder bowl than a regular spoon. It aids in enjoying soups, broths, and other liquid-based dishes without spills while also allowing for sipping.

6. Teaspoon

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A teaspoon is smaller than a tablespoon and features a slightly elongated and narrow bowl. It is perfect for stirring tea or coffee, adding sugar or milk to beverages, and serving small portions of desserts.

7. Steak Knife

A steak knife boasts a sharp, serrated edge, which makes it ideal for effortlessly cutting through meat, including steaks, chops, and roasts. Its design ensures that meat remains tender and juices intact.

8. Fish Fork

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The fish fork is characterized by its slender shape three or four times. It aids in delicately separating fish flesh from the bones, allowing for a refined dining experience when indulging in seafood.

9. Fruit Fork, spoon & knife

These dainty utensils are explicitly designed for enjoying various types of fruits. The fruit fork features smaller tines, allowing for easy spearing of bite-sized fruit pieces. The fruit spoon has a shallow bowl for scooping soft fruits, while the fruit knife offers a delicate, serrated edge for slicing through fruit skin. You can head over to Mango Wood Small Cutlery Set by VarEesha to add some colors to family parties or special occasions.  

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10. Carving Knife and Fork

The carving knife and fork are essential for elegant dinner parties or holiday feasts. With its long, sharp blade, the knife is perfect for slicing roast meats, while the carving fork helps secure the beef during the carving process.

11. Dessert Spoons

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These charming utensils add finesse to the sweet finale of a meal. The dessert fork is smaller than a regular fork, designed for delicate cakes, pies, or pastries bites. The dessert spoon typically has a rounder bowl, perfect for enjoying puddings and custards. In contrast, the dessert knife assists in slicing through desserts with precision. Check out the Hand-made Wooden Handles Stainless Steel Dessert Spoon- Set of 6 by VarEesha to add luxury to your tableware.


Cutlery sets are a testament to the art of dining, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of the eating experience. Each type of cutlery serves a unique purpose, from versatile tablespoons and teaspoons to specialized steak knives, fish forks, and fruit utensils.

Whether it's an everyday meal or a special occasion, choosing the right cutlery set allows you to elevate the dining experience and add a touch of elegance to your table setting.
The careful selection and arrangement of cutlery demonstrates attention to detail and reflects cultural traditions and etiquette. Whether it's an everyday meal with family or a grand feast with guests, choosing the right cutlery set creates a cohesive and inviting table setting.

Moreover, the variety of cutlery available allows for creative presentations and adds an artistic element to the dining experience. Each piece of cutlery has its own distinct design, reflecting craftsmanship and elegance. Whether it's the sleek and sharp lines of a steak knife or the delicate curves of a dessert fork, the aesthetics of these utensils can elevate the ambiance of any dining occasion.