Top 10 Hand-Crafted Gift Items for Every Occasion

Today, people have a plethora of options when it comes to gifting. Online markets, as well as offline markets, both sell huge varieties of gifts. But how do you make them personalized? Here are handcrafted products to your rescue.

Handcrafted items are not just gifted to you DIY but can be anything that you purchase and are made by humans. A wide variety of domestically produced gifts can add a personal touch to your skills. There have been multiple times when you had thought of a gift but discarded it due to its utilization issues. You want to be considerate, especially when gifting someone close to your heart. The appeal and value of a handmade gift are always more than artificially produced goods. This trend is undoubtedly familiar. In ancient times, lovers used to write letters to each other from the battlefield; friends wreathed flowery bands, and if not much, just a tiny message of gratitude with sweets. These appear old-fashioned, but people love them when they get them.

Here are a few common handicraft gift ideas:

1. Wall Hanging

If you have been into art and craft, this might be an easy gift idea to put to work. It depends on whom you're gifting it to. You can give it to someone who has just thrown a housewarming party. Wall hangings can be made by stitching or other recycled products like toothpicks, earbuds, mirrors, ice cream sticks, etc. This will add a personal touch to your gift; the receiver will always look at it and remember you.

Pink Elephant Wall Decorative Bells


2. Gift Card

This is undoubtedly the most common gift idea and the easiest of all. However, it holds the maximum value as a gift. It can fit all occasions, be it someone's birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. You can write a personal message, poetry, or anecdotes from your special moments with them.

a girl holding a white gift card

3. Snacks Box

Who doesn't love food? You can create a personalized snack box for your loved one. It's hard to find snacks when the other person is health-conscious yet a foodie. So, put your cooking skills to work and gift them their favorite snacks in your way. It can be sugarless cookies, eggless cakes, chocolates that are rare to find, etc. This would show that you're considerate of them.

Snacks Box for gift

4. A care package

These types of gifts have become highly popular recently with the advent of self-care. Create a care package with all they love so they can care for themselves when you're not around yet to vouch for you. It works perfectly for those going abroad for studies and need pampering. No worries if you can't be there for them physically; make a package including all they love or that you have in common. This will give them a sense of belonging. The package can include their night munchies, favorite drinks, a series of cards expressing your care, and just about anything close to their heart.  

Personal Care Package

5. Paintings or a Sketch

If you have an artistic view of the world, paintings, and sketches are always great for gifting. Paint down your special moments with them or give them their sketch. You can all sit together and make memories while painting/sketching. There is no better gift than giving someone a particular moment of appreciation.

A Black Ship in the sea


These were some of the common yet best handicraft gifts that one can consider. However, some may have concerns about what these gifts are valid for. It is good to be considerate of the utilization of your gift. Thus, here are some traditional Indian products that you can gift to your dear ones:

6. Pen/pencil holder

This is the best gifting idea when you're looking for something for who is studying or uses stationary regularly, like a lawyer, a student, a teacher, etc. You can make a wooden pen holder with personalized declarations on it. VarEesha provides an exclusive range of desk organizers to keep anyone away from the clutter.

Hand Painted Yellow Bird Mango Wood Desk Organizer/ Pen Stand


7. Key-holder

A keyholder is an easy-to-go gift that one can think of. There is a wide range of keyholders available online. You can either make them yourself or buy them from outside. Wooden keyholders specifically exhibit warmth and homely vibes. You can check out the wooden key holder collection at VarEesha to save time.

Hand Crafted Dhokra Mango Wood Key Hook

8. Coin Bank

A handcrafted coin bank has a cute appeal that can be gifted to children. Kids like such gifts and happily use them. Everyone has one coin bank that they have always kept close to their heart while growing up. This might be it. VarEesha has a great collection of handcrafted terracotta coin banks that one can refer to.

Handcrafted Terracotta Yellow Coin Bank

9. Customized Cups

You can think of a special picture of you all to get printed on the cup or something they like the most. This is an excellent option for a gift that would remind them of you each time they take a sip. You can also paint the mugs, adding an intimate touch to them.

10. Photoframe

One of the most commonly gifted ideas. You can make a photo frame with wood or other recycled items like ice cream sticks, mirrors, glass, cotton, etc., with a photograph of them and you in it. This will always remind them of you. It might be the most cliché idea, but it works consistently.

Hand Painted Red Bird Photoframe



Gifting something out of the box is sometimes challenging. But why must you buy anything like that when you can make one? Even if you can't, you can always head to VarEesha to save time and effort. Handcrafted gifts are always special, no matter how small it is. The gesture is all that matters in the end. Surfing the internet might give you gift ideas, but it is up to you how it can be made different from others.