Ways to refresh your bathroom space

The bathroom is often the most neglected space, and we must pay attention to it. This space can be a perfect candidate for decoration. If you are reorganizing the bathroom, here we have presented some ideas on how to do so.

If it has been a while since you updated the bathroom, these décor tips will make it look upgraded and improve its functionality. Here are some accessories that will accentuate its look and bring a significant change.

Bring forward the legacy of bamboo by adding our bamboo wicker multipurpose basket in the bathroom

A natural, light, strong bamboo wicker basket is a must-have accessory for the bathroom. It brings in a zen-like serenity, is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, and is sure to take your bathroom style quotient up. The biggest strength of this material is it is weather-resistant and is apt for your bathroom space. It is ideal for storing bathroom knick-knacks and other utility items like toothbrush, towel & other bathroom necessities.

Handmade bamboo basket to organizer for bathroom countertop with metal handles

Variety is the spice of life; say it aloud with our range of bath sets

The best way to do a bathroom makeover is to add bath sets. These ceramic sets will bring a fresh perspective to your bathroom and are one of the easy ways to decorate the bathroom. The bath sets are made from premium ceramic material and are corrosion free. The set is easy to maintain and will bring an organized semblance to the bathroom. These bath sets are convenient, functional, and a must-have. They come in different sizes and themes to suit your bathroom's look.

Handmade & hand-painted ceramic soap dispenser & bathroom accessories

Glamorize the bathroom with hanging mirrors with wooden frames

Handmade & hand-painted mirrors Bathroom décor needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional. If creating a fancy décor update is beyond the budget, you can always use simple accessories like bathroom mirrors. These mirrors are versatile and ideal for creating a sense of drama & make your bathroom look bigger. You can check out the recommendations from VarEesha. They are an elegant addition to the home.

Handmade & handpainted mango wood mirror for home decor

Ditch the traditional racks and add wooden Mahogany wood multipurpose rack

Having a clear bathroom counter is a must to make your bathroom look more spacious. Our suggestion spruce up your bathroom décor with a multipurpose two-shelf tray or rack. These rack can keep multiple bathroom items. It is made from wood and has classic cuts to suit the homeowner's taste. It will make your bathroom space neat and very useful. Organize your bathroom or gift someone you know who need to upgrade their bathroom. 

Mahogany wooden table rack/organizer for bathroom or kitchen countertop

Say yes to green with our Magnetic planters

Add a touch of nature to your bathroom with ceramic planters. These planters will give an impression of the natural environment and create a false illusion of space. They bring a positive look to the bathroom and make you relaxed and happy. They reduce stress, invoke creativity and enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom's space.

Choose from table top ceramic planters or magnetic planters, both will only add extra beauty to your bathroom space but remember to water them regularly. It comes in various patterns, and motifs are inscribed and part of the magical collection.

Small ceramic table top planters for home decor