DIY Hand-made Gift ideas for Diwali in 2023


What are the unique handmade gift ideas for Diwali?

Diwali is the beginning of a new season; it’s about happiness, celebration, and gifts. Everyone gets excited about the name of this festival. Nothing compares to the vibes of the festive season when it’s Diwali we’re talking about. The ground rule is: You never say no to gifts!
There are plenty of recommendations for Diwali gifts online. But how many DIY Diwali gift ideas will you think of, especially when gifting to the whole family. There is always a high possibility of clashing gifts. Buying so many gifts can be heavy on the pocket and the environment. But not to worry! You can still go handmade whenever you want. Just skip the old boring gifts and come up with unique Diwali gifts. Your gift must reflect who you are and your relationship with the person. After all, Diwali is all about positive energy.

Here are some unique hand-made gift ideas for Diwali:

1. Diwali Hamper

Upahaar Hand-made Blue Orange Birds Set Bells Wall Hanging Gift Box

Diwali hampers are delightful gift options that combine various items into a beautifully presented package. Gather items that resonate with the festival's spirit to create a Diwali hamper. Include traditional sweets like homemade laddoos, kaju katli, or gulab jamun. Add a touch of uniqueness by including artisanal snacks, herbal teas, or organic spices. Consider including small decorative items like hand-painted diyas (clay lamps), ornate rangoli stencils, or beautifully embroidered torans (door hangings).

2. Personalized Diwali Gift Boxes

Personalized gift boxes are an excellent way to showcase your creativity and thoughtfulness. You can create a beautiful Diwali gift box by selecting a sturdy and elegant box, such as a wooden or decorative cardboard box. Fill it with an assortment of carefully chosen gifts, such as handmade candles, aromatic incense sticks, artisanal chocolates, or personalized Diwali greeting cards. Adding a personal touch like the recipient's name or a heartfelt message enhances the emotional value of the gift.

3. Spa-Themed Gift Pack

Spa gift packs are convenient and versatile options for presenting handmade gifts. You can curate a Diwali gift pack by combining complementary items that can be used together. For example, a spa-themed gift pack could include handmade soaps, hand-crafted towel holder, scented bath salts, and a luxurious loofah.

Alternatively, create a self-care gift pack with essential oils, scented candles, and a journal for reflection and gratitude. The possibilities are endless; tailor the gift pack to the recipient's interests and preferences.

4. Hand-made Showpieces & Décor Items

Hand Painted Orange & Green Wooden Truck Decoratives Set of 2

In addition to gift boxes, hampers, and packs, you can also create hand-crafted Diwali décor items as gifts. For instance, you could make intricate paper lanterns, wooden keyholders, wall-hanging wind chimes, wooden showpieces, colorful rangoli stencils, or origami garlands. These handmade decorations not only make thoughtful gifts but also contribute to the festive ambiance of Diwali. Encourage the recipient to use them to adorn their homes during the celebrations, adding a touch of your creativity to their Diwali décor.

5. Homemade Sweets & Snacks

Indian Sweets

Nothing brings more delight during Diwali than homemade sweets and snacks. Put your culinary skills to use and prepare traditional Indian sweets like barfis, jalebis, or rasgullas. You can also experiment with fusion treats by combining traditional recipes with modern flavors. Additionally, consider making savory snacks like chivda (spiced flattened rice), mathri (delicious crackers), or namak pare (crispy, tasty bites). Package them in beautiful containers or jute bags tied with colorful ribbons.

6. Hand-Painted Diyas & Lamps

Hand-made Multicolored Terracotta Diya- Set of 6

Deepawali is the festival of lights. So, Diya is the most essential part of this festival. That's why hand-painted tea light is a unique and valuable gift for your family or friends.
Make your Deepawali more special with hand-made terracotta tea lights & lamps.

7. Madhubani Style Wooden Spice Box

Madhubani Wooden Spice Box with 4 compartments

Ethnic serve ware in wood always brings the charm that adds a vibrancy with a rustic touch to your home. The Madhubani-style wooden spice box is a traditional gift for your family or friends. This beautiful box has Madhubani work on top, is multipurpose, and can help organize small knickknacks or jewelry.

8. Warli Art Ceramic Dinner Set

Brown Warli Ceramic 12 Pieces Dinner Set

Warli Art Ceramic Dinner Set is a perfect Deepawali gift. This set features handcrafted ceramic plates, bowls, and cups with traditional Warli motifs. It includes four of each item, making it ideal for a complete dining experience. The set is microwave and dishwasher-safe, ensuring convenience and durability. Give the gift of traditional beauty and enjoy meals in style with this elegant Warli Art Ceramic Dinner Set.

9. Blue Mughal Espresso Gift Box

The Espresso Yourself Gift Box - Blue Mughal

Blue Mugal Ceramic Coffee Mug – a stylish addition to your mornings. This mug features a captivating blue design inspired by Mughal art. Crafted with durable ceramic, it's perfect for enjoying your favorite hot beverages. With its comfortable handle, this mug offers both functionality and elegance. Treat yourself or someone special to the timeless charm of the Blue Mugal Ceramic Coffee Mug.

10. Ceramic Magnetic Planters Set

GreenDoor Red & Blue Spiral Ceramic Magnetic Planters Set of 2

Ceramic Magnetic Planters Set – a perfect Deepawali gift. This set features 2 handcrafted ceramic planters that can be easily attached to magnetic surfaces like; a fridge etc. It's a unique and versatile way to add greenery to any space. Give the gift of nature and creativity with the Ceramic Magnetic Planters Set.


By giving handmade Diwali gifts to family, you honor the festival's tradition and demonstrate your love and care for your family and friends. Whether personalized gift boxes, hampers, packs, handmade decorations, candles, sweets, or artwork, your time and effort in creating these gifts will be appreciated and cherished. Celebrate the festival of lights with these creative handmade Diwali gifts, spreading joy and happiness to your loved ones.