Top Trending Diwali Gift Ideas In 2023

Get ready for the festive season of Diwali, a time filled with lights and joy! Diwali, known as the festival of lights, is just around the corner, and it's the ideal occasion to spread happiness and love through thoughtful gift-giving with your dear ones. If you're pondering over what to gift this Diwali, you've come to the right place.

In this guide, we're here to reveal the latest hand-made Diwali gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Whether you're in search of something classy, practical, or heartwarming, our trending Diwali gift hampers suggestions are designed to inspire you. We're here to assist you in choosing the perfect tokens of affection that will add extra brightness to this festive season.

So, let's delve into the world of thoughtful and trendy Diwali gifts that will ensure this festival is etched in your memory forever. Whether it's a traditional present like beautifully Tea light diya and sweets or a more contemporary choice like dinner sets, we've got you covered. Let's make this Diwali unforgettable together!

1. Dinner Sets

Vanilla Hand-made Black Speckled Fourteen Piece White Ceramic Complete Dinner Set


Gifting Ceramic dinner set on this Diwali is a beautiful idea as it combines aesthetic appeal with practicality. These elegant dinner sets are perfect for family gatherings and festive feasts. These sets often feature intricate designs and vibrant colors, symbolizing the spirit of Diwali.

Moreover, they are durable and can be used for years to remind us of the cherished moments shared during this special occasion. So, gifting ceramic dinner sets adds a touch of elegance to the festivities and fosters the joy of communal dining.

2. Festive Décor

Hand-made Navy Blue Ceramic Diyas Set of Ten - Tea Light Holders


Gifting festive decor items from VarEesha during Diwali is a wonderful idea, infusing elegance and tradition into the festivities. These meticulously crafted pieces, from radiant Tea light holder, lanterns to intricately designed diyas, encapsulate the very spirit of the Festival of Lights. They elevate the festive atmosphere and convey a deep appreciation for cultural heritage. Opting for such gifts spreads happiness and positivity and fosters the sense of unity that defines Diwali, making it a thoughtful and culturally enriching gesture.

3. Windchimes

Hand Painted Blue Bird Wooden Wall Hanging with Bells/ Wind Chime - Neel Collection


Wind chimes and bells symbolize positivity and harmony, making them a perfect gifting option for Diwali. These beautiful items create soothing sounds when touched by a gentle breeze, spreading joy and peace in the surroundings. Amid Diwali celebrations, they serve as a reminder to cherish moments of tranquility and togetherness.

Moreover, the vibrant designs and colors of these Wall hanging Bells add a festive touch to any home, making them a thoughtful gift choice for the Festival of Lights. It is a best happy diwali gift.

4. Bath Sets

Hand-made Diamond Ceramic White Bathroom Set of Three


Gifting Ceramic Bath Set like those from VarEesha on Diwali is an excellent idea as they offer a thoughtful way to promote self-care and relaxation during the festival of lights. Diwali is a time for renewal and cleansing, and these sets, with their fragrant bath products and beautiful packaging, can enhance the festive experience. They symbolize the rejuvenation of mind and body, making them a perfect gift to convey your wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity to your loved ones while helping them unwind in style.

5. Serveware

The TEAmo Hand Painted Gift Box - Blue Moroccan


Giving Tea cups and saucers on Diwali is a kind and valuable idea. These lovely and colorful pieces make someone's home look nicer and stand for the idea of coming together and being friendly, which is what Diwali is all about. They're great for serving Indian sweets and tea, making the festive time even better. Plus, they can be remembered for a long time as part of the happy occasion. These gifts mix tradition with practicality, making them a meaningful choice for celebrating Diwali with care and style.

6. Planters

Sheesham Wood Double Test Tube Planter


Giving Test Tube planters is a unique Diwali gift idea. These attractive and lively plant containers represent the ideas of progress, wealth, and the fresh start that Diwali stands for. They inspire a connection with nature and support eco-friendly living. Additionally, they are a lasting memory of the festive period, bringing a touch of personality and positivity into homes.

By selecting planters, you honor the Diwali spirit and play a part in a greener and more sustainable future, making it an environmentally conscious gift selection.

7. Flower Vases

Hand Crafted Chiraiya Pastel Blue Terracotta Pots Set of Five


Considering gifting terracotta or ceramic vases for Diwali is a fantastic idea. To start, terracotta embodies a sense of earthiness and tradition, echoing the festival's core values of reconnecting with our cultural heritage. These vases are handcrafted, showcasing the exquisite artistry of Indian craftsmanship, which beautifully represents our rich cultural legacy. Beyond their cultural significance, terracotta vases can serve as delightful decorations during Diwali, lending an element of sophistication and warmth to the festivities.

Additionally, they make for eco-friendly diwali gift options as they are crafted from natural clay, aligning perfectly with the principles of sustainable gifting. All in all, these Flower vases offer a meaningful and eco-conscious choice to celebrate Diwali.

8. Cushion Covers

The Tribal Family Patchwork Cushion Covers Set of Two


Gifting cushion covers from VarEesha on Diwali is an excellent idea as they blend traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary design. These vibrant and intricately crafted covers add a touch of elegance and comfort to homes, making them perfect for the festive season. They symbolize warmth, happiness, and a sense of togetherness – essential elements of Diwali celebrations. Plus, they are versatile and can easily fit into any decor style.

So, by gifting these cushion covers, you're spreading joy and enhancing the recipient's living spaces with a touch of cultural richness.

9. Platters

Leher Inky Blue Ceramic Small Sea Shell Chip n Dip Serving Platter


Diwali is a time when families come together to celebrate and share meals. Our  beautiful serving platters enhance the presentation of festive dishes and promote togetherness and hospitality. They can be cherished as functional and decorative items, reminding them of the joyous occasion. Moreover, these platters' vibrant designs and quality craftsmanship add an extra touch of elegance to Diwali celebrations, making them a memorable and cherished gift for loved ones.

10. Showpieces

Giving our carefully curated Rajrang curios for Diwali is an excellent choice for several compelling reasons. Rajrang offers a diverse array of stunning and culturally significant items that encapsulate the very essence of the festival. From exquisite handcrafted decorations to vibrant clothing and accessories, they capture the spirit of Diwali with its celebration of light, color, and tradition. These thoughtful gifts not only convey your heartfelt wishes but also add an element of sophistication to the recipient's festivities. Opting for them as your gift of choice allows you to share the joy of Diwali with unique and meaningful presents that are certain to be treasured by your loved ones.


Diwali, a beautiful festival, symbolizes giving, love, and happiness. It's a time to unite with family and friends and share gratitude. Whether choosing decor, unique gifts for family, innovative ideas for friends, or showing appreciation to colleagues and clients, giving matters; these ideas go beyond material possessions; they convey love. As we light diyas and savor feasts, remember Diwali's true essence: giving, cherishing bonds, and spreading joy to those who brighten our lives.