How do you find the Right Accessories for Bathroom?

To keep your bathroom clutter free, it is necessary to have basic bathroom accessories. It is not luxurious to have your bathroom the way you want, it is certainly a need. Nobody would want to use a washroom without the basic amenities in it and things in place.  

There are multiple bathroom accessories that you can install and customize according to your need. Just like room décor, it is important to accessorize your bathroom in the best possible way. Just the design of your bathroom is not enough, accessories enhance its usability and beauty. Bathroom accessories range from a bare soap dish to other furniture. Choosing accessories is an enjoyable yet confusing task. But, how to find the right accessories for ‘your’ bathroom? Here are a few points to ponder before you buy anything:

1. Bathroom Layout

When buying any bathroom accessory, one must look for the bathroom layout. The layout is the foremost thing to assess what your bathroom requires. Keeping aside the size of the bathroom, one should start by looking at accessories that would help maximize its utility. 

The most basic accessories for a bathroom can be a soap dish, a soap dispenser, a brush holder, and a mug. These are everything that you would initially require to keep the bathroom organized. Thus, you can head over to our Red Paisley Ceramic Bathroom set containing all of these. To your relief, it contains plastic products, so these are rust-free. 

Red Paisley Ceramic 4 piece Bathroom Accessories Set


2. Budgeting

The next step that comes under the purview is budgeting. Before buying an accessory, one must consider the budget and the accessory’s utilization. You should look for accessories that complement your bathroom and have the maximum utility possible. 

It should suit your lifestyle and meet your needs. Bathroom accessories need to be chosen carefully and should be changed over time. If you need a soap dispenser, then why would you look for a soap dish? One should be aware of such distractions and focus on what are the requirements. You can explore our ceramic soap dispenser collection calledSaral.

Grey Soap dish, dispenser & toothbrush holder


This collection was launched keeping in mind the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Leonardo da Vinci. It would help to maintain an elegant look in your bathroom. The range also consists of sets of bathroom accessories that consist of a ceramic soap dish, a soap dispenser, and a brush holder.

3. Flooring

Usually, people get the bathroom walls and floor tiled because it protects them against moisture and is more practical to use. Tiling adds a little texture to your bathroom and in fact, the designs can vary from area to area in a bathroom. The floor and walls can have contrasting tiling. Here comes the role of accessories. 

Ananda Blue Green Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Set


Now, you need to be careful while choosing bath accessories as they should go with the theme of your bathroom. Here comes our Ananda collection of bath accessories. You can check out the Ananda Blue Green bath accessories set inspired by the greenery and freshness around us. It consists of a soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, and brush holder.

Types of accessories


  • Bathroom Mirrors: It is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when we think of a bathroom accessory. A mirror can change the entire look of the bathroom just by its shape and size. It is an ideal part to make your bathroom a bit more lively by complementing the theme of the bathroom.
  • Soap dispensers: Today, Majority of the people are shifting from soap dishes to soap dispensers because it adds up better to the look of the bathroom. In addition, you don’t have to clean up the soap residue anymore. These can also be of varied types. You can either place it over the sink or attach it to the wall through a holder. To buy a soap dispenser for your bathroom, you can check out the Rangriti soap dispenser set that comes with a brush holder. The design revolves around Mandala art practiced in parts of India and Tibet. 
Rangriti Ceramic 4 Piece Bathroom Accessories Set


You can also head to our ‘Indigo’ collection of liquid soap dispenser sets. The term ‘Indigo’ refers to a Greek word meaning ‘from India’. The set brings a soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, and brush holder. So, you won’t have to look for other bath accessories separately.

  • Soap dish: Nevertheless, a soap dish is something that is still prevalent. However, the tough part is to find a soap dish that doesn’t soak the soap with moisture. Storage is the main issue here. Therefore, we bring to you the Vrinda Green ceramic soap dispenser set that helps to prevent the process of half-dissolved bar soap.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: What are the most necessary bathroom accessories?

The most essential bathroom accessories include a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, towel rack, shower curtain, toilet brush, and dustbin.

Q 2: What factors should I consider while choosing a bathroom accessory set?

When you select the bathroom accessories set. Then, consider the product's material, colour, style, and functionality. Also, make sure it fits well with your bathroom's existing décor.

Q 3: What are some famous materials for bathroom accessories?

Ceramic, metal, glass, and plastic are popular materials for bathroom accessories. At VarEesha, we offers wide range of hand-made ceramic bathroom accessories set online in India.

Q 4: Are there bathroom accessories available in my price range?

Yes, you can find bathroom accessories in different price ranges to fit your budget. You can also look for special offers and discounts to help you save money on your purchase.



    The bathroom accessories reflect on your lifestyle a lot!  Accessories should not just appear appealing but also have some utilization. They go beyond just the looks and help to make a bathroom clutter-free. 

    If the size of your bathroom is big, that should not be the judging criteria of what you require. Even the big bathrooms can have minimal accessories that suffice in the real sense, rather than loading up the bathroom and reducing its aesthetic value.

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