Spill the Tea: Tea and its Benefits


Tea is ingrained in Indian history. People have been drinking tea both for leisure and its health benefits for centuries. Tea is not just an ordinary drink, some may even have an emotional connection with it. Since India is the 2nd largest producer of tea, let’s first understand its history in India.

The British were the ones to introduce tea in India in the 19th CE to overcome the Chinese monopoly. It was first planted in the mountain region surrounding the city of Darjeeling in the 1850s. Later, the cultivation expanded to Assam. This specie of tea was similar to the Chinese tea plant, Camellia Sinensis Assamica. Though the variety found in Assam had larger leaves than the Chinese ones and grew better in plains.


Tea Benefits

People across the world drink tea for its healing powers. Many studies have shown that tea can boost your immune system, relieve inflammation, and can help with cancer or heart disease. 

To enhance the experience, one can prefer having it in ceramic tea cups, as it has the property to keep the drinks hotter for a longer period.

White Tea Benefits

White tea is said to be the most nutritious one because of its low caffeine levels. People who are looking to reduce their caffeine intake must consider this variety. In addition, this is the least processed tea of all and thus retains the maximum amount of antioxidants. White tea gets its name from the process it is plucked. The white tea plant is plucked just before its leaves and buds fully open when it is covered with white hair. 

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White tea is full of Polyphenols, plant-based molecules, that help heal cancer, skin diseases, aging, and chronic inflammation. Studies have found that polyphenols can help relax blood vessels and boost the immune system. In addition, white tea can also prevent bad cholesterol which is another factor affecting heart diseases.

However, tea is not the only source that would help you stay healthy. One must switch to a healthy lifestyle entirely to see the results. This may include exercise, diet, a complete sleep cycle, and even the choice of utensils for your tea. For a pleasant experience this summer, you can head over to our Royal Crown Blue ceramic tea cup- Set of 6. The Ceramic Tea cups go through a long process of clay baking, drawing, baking, painting, re-baking, and glazing. The design is inspired by our rich heritage and to add up, it is lead-free and microwave safe.


Herbal Tea Benefits


Herbal tea, also known as Tisanes, contains a number of herbs, spices, and fruits in addition to leaves. There are 0 levels of caffeine in herbal tea and thus, known for its calming properties. There are a variety of herbal teas with unique benefits, for example:

  • Rooibos- It helps to control blood pressure and boosts good cholesterol. It also prevents hair fall and keeps skin healthy. 
  • Chamomile- This is the most useful drink to have during menstrual pain and stress. It relieves any muscle pain and improves sleeping habits. 
  • Ginger- It is best known for helping cough and cold, joint pains, and severe indigestion.

Green Tea Benefits

It originates from China and Japan. Green tea uses the method of pan-firing or roasting method in China and the steaming method in Japan. It is rich in flavonoids, which essentially prevent blood clotting and heart diseases. 


Green tea is known to have an impact on breast, prostate, heart, and liver cancers. To add up, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep one's skin clear and glowing. The green tea that is gaining popularity these days is Matcha. This is the only form of green tea that has its leaves ingested and thus, has more anti-oxidants in comparison to ordinary green tea. It is made through the leaves grown in shade and is a high-quality green tea powder.

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Green tea can be best experienced with ceramic mugs that are environmentally friendly. If you are using plastic, or paper cups, you must consider switching to ceramic mugs as these are biodegradable. Ceramic mugs are even lighter than glasses and are easy to hold. Everyone looks for a mug that makes their tea-time experience 100x better. Morning tea is very crucial for many and some have it for relief after they come back from a long day. Thus, you can head over to our copper-green ceramic mugs set of six to bring comfort and warmth to your hectic day. 



So far we have studied the benefits of tea. It is the first thing that anyone in an Indian household would prefer when it comes to cough, cold, or acute headaches. Tea culture is prevalent in most of the world and it has social and cultural impacts on society. Everyone prefers tea in their own way. Here comes the role of utensils used to serve or have tea. Especially in India, when relatives come to visit, everyone in an Indian household looks for the best cups to serve. So, choose your teacup wisely!