How to take care of a chopping board?

Your chopping board deserves love & care like any other kitchen wares. It’s your duty to make sure to give it a nice bath, and dry it squeaky clean so that it will keep up with you for years to come. Unlike plastic chopping boards, wooden chopping board needs a little more attention, not like every day but once a week is more than enough as it is susceptible to cracking & wrapping.

Let us start then with care tips-

Not very fond of Water!

Your wooden chopping doesn’t like to be pruned in water. While washing the chopping board, the rule of thumb is to wash it with warm mildly soapy water. Also, they don’t like to be enclosed in a dishwasher. The excess heat and steam of the dishwasher can increase the moisture content resulting in cracks and warping. 

After cleaning the chopping make sure to pat them dry with a towel and set them aside where there can rest in the fresh air (make sure to flip them on another side too). The exposed air will save them from wraping & cracking. And will make them stronger & ready for your next chopping session. 

Loves everything natural!

Your chopping board loves everything organic! They don’t need extravagant solutions to keep them in spick & span condition. Cleaning the wooden board is easy if you have these ingredients at home

- white distilled vinegar or  lemon,

- baking soda and

- kosher salt(if you have any). 

Since vinegar is acidic, it has been used as a disinfectant for generations. You can create your DIY solution, mix one part of vinegar into four parts of water, and clean the cutting board. After placing the solution on the board for some time, rinse it with water. 

An alternative could be using some kosher salt & half a lemon. 

Season your chopping board with kosher salt, then take the lemon and glide it through the chopping board & let the magic happen. Once you have done this step wipe the entire board with a table cloth & at the end give a nice massage with mineral oil. (like this one).

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A good massage could do wonders!

Who doesn't love well-moisturized skin? Even your chopping board is a fan of moisturization. Massaging the chopping board with food-safe mineral oil will not only give a shiny finish but also keep your board happy and healthy. Apply the oil with your hand (rub the surface of the board thoroughly with the oil), let the oil sweep in for at least 10 mins, and wipe off the excess oil using the cloth. 

However, it is suggested not to use vegetable or nut-based oil to clean the board. The reason is that the board will start emitting a rancid smell, which will be noticeable when preparing the food.

Knowing when to say goodbye to your friend!

With the above tips, your chopping board can be a part of your kitchen for ages. All they need is love & care! But sometimes even with all the attention, your chopping board will not be able to last.

If deep cuts appear on the surface then you can try to fix them with the help of sandpaper (to be too rough). You’ve to sand it evenly which may take some time from your tight schedule, but it can give a brand new outlook to your chopping board. Just make sure you first follow the above-given steps. 

Even after a lot of care, your chopping board may wrap. Then that’s a clear indication for you to shop for a new one.  

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Bottom Line

A chopping board is the most functional kitchen accessory, but it can fall prey to dark stains and odors. By using these tips, you can make the process of cleaning the chopping board easy. 

Have some awesome care tips to share, then make sure to let us know by commenting down below.