Ceramic or stoneware or porcelain- how to choose a complete guide

After the Pandemic, we all have been at the stage where we gave extra attention to our day-to-day choices. What we eat, how much we eat, what exercise routine should we follow, & most importantly what goes in our food. But one dining aspect we often overlook is the plates, bowls, and dinner wares we are using to serve the food. 

The market is inundated with several options and offers various substitutes to replace plastic utensils and homeware at home. From ceramic, stoneware, and bone china to fine china, the tableware is available in a variety to keep you confused about which is best for your home. Not only what you are eating is important but what kind of bowls & plates you are using also matters to maintain overall health. 

Let’s simplify it by sharing the differences as well as some tips for your next shopping spree

How do Earthenware, Stoneware, Bone China & Porcelain different from each other?

There are many types of tableware materials available in the market - plastic, glass, melamine, ceramic, wood, and steel. However, ceramic is by far the most durable and widely used choice. Why? Because ceramic is the healthiest option of all the materials. Unlike melamine and plastic wares, ceramic tableware is highly resistant to stains, microwave-safe, and dishwasher safe too. And due to their high-temperature resistance to other materials, some people use them for cooking as well. They are a perfect addition to the kitchen as they are less prone to breakage, easy to clean & maintain. 

However, the term ‘ceramic tableware’ is a broad term. The term consists of earthenware, stoneware, bone china, fine china, and porcelain. And, each type can vary in appearance, durability, porosity, and texture! Here, we’ve done a quick breakdown of each: 

Ceramic vs porcelain vs bone china

Questions to ask before buying

To have better clarity on your decision ask these questions to help you choose the right crockery for your tablespace!

Is it Food Safe?

Pay attention to the material your dinner plates, serving bowls, veg bowls & crockery are made of. Even though there may be many options available, they may not be safe. Some cheaply made ceramic tableware have toxic chemicals like cadmium, lead & cobalt in them. And they may have an acute effect--harming you after only one use.

It will be a wise choice to put your hard money into tableware that is food-safe, easy to maintain, and can be used on a daily basis. And at VarEesha, this is what we strive for. Our tableware like dinner sets, dinner plates, bowls & drinking ware is not only handmade & hand-painted but also they are cadmium & lead-free.

Is your Ceramic Tableware easy to maintain?

Even though many of the ceramic dining wares are attractive to look at with their shiny glaze & top-notch hand paintings, they may not be the best choice for your everyday dining experience. Invest in ceramic tableware that is easily maintainable and by that, we mean that it should be microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, easy to clean, light in weight & food-safe. 

The best choice here will be melamine or fine china though they may not be the first choice for many because of their material composition. However, earthenware or stoneware is an all-rounder choice as they have all the qualities that we have mentioned above. In fact, VarEesha offers a wide range of ceramic tableware & dinnerware that you’ll reach for every day. 

Do they fit into your budget?

Picking a dinnerware that fits your budget can be quite a task. If you are looking for something fancy for your dinner parties or get-togethers & want to go over budget to impress your guests then it is okay to do so. However, if you feel that after one-time use they will be sitting in your kitchen cupboards then what is the point in splurging your hard-earned money for that? 

Instead choose the dinner sets that can become your everyday partner, whether your breakfast partner or your lunchtime partner, or your dinnertime partner. 

How to take care of Ceramics?

Now that you have made up your mind on which dinner set material you will buy for your kitchen, let us discuss some quick tips with you to keep your dinner sets last for a lifetime

  • Avoid piling up your dishes over each other as doing so can lead to scratches
  • Always use soft sponges while cleaning your dishes or use a dishwasher to make them squeaky clean
  • Always air dry items well before storing them away in the cupboard. It is also a good idea to sun dry them.
  • LASTLY.. We cannot guarantee the longevity of the crockery sets but we can recommend you follow care instructions so that your dinnerware should last for a lifetime. And to bring joy to your dinner table for many generations to come!

We’ve got everyday essentials like plates, bowls, serving bowls, snack platters, cups & much more to add charm to your table. All our collections are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. Not only that they are free from harmful chemicals like lead & cadmium & are pretty to dine in. Browse our collection.