Simple ways to make your kitchen look Organized & Neat

From making breakfast to dinner, we spend one-third of our lives in our kitchen; therefore, it needs to be well organized and clutter-free for smooth functioning. You will need to add the below-mentioned storage items and organizers to set up your kitchen: 

It is how we roll!

Can you guess the one of most frequently used kitchen tools- it is none other than Kitchen towels or Kitchen Napkins. They play a vital role to keep your kitchen slabs & your hands clean, tidy & shiny. And they certainly save the day as you encounter spills, splashes, & splatters. So surely they need their designated space on your kitchen counter or kitchen walls. Instead of leaving them crumpled in a corner use a kitchen towel or kitchen napkin holder. 

Think inside the Box!

Surely when we have ordered pizzas we all have stored those extra oreganos & chili flakes packages or our favorite knick-knack packages, however, they keep on rolling in different kitchen cabinets. A wooden box is a neat trick to store those knick-knack packages. There are plenty of other uses for partitioned wooden boxes too, like storing your favorite chai masalas or storing frequently used spices. 

Sheesham handmade multiuse wooden box to store spice, tea bags, knick-knacks

Within hand’s reach!

If you constantly find yourself searching for your favorite spices, herbs, oils & sauces in different cabinets of your kitchen, then this is a sign for you to shop for a functional rack. It will only take up a little space on your countertop but will keep your favorites stacked up nicely & will give you company while cooking. Oh! for aesthetics, you can also keep an indoor plant on it. It just depends on your imagination to stock.'

Multiuse Sheesham wood kitchen rack or kitchen organizer for spices, sauces, oils

Store it All!

If you still store your kitchen essentials in plastic jars, then you should definitely need to make an upgradation. A neatly organized kitchen starts with the right storage jars - be it ceramic jars or steel jars. And to keep the inner content fresh & flavorful an air-tight jar is a must. And not only do they keep your kitchen organized but also make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. 

Handmade & handpainted kitchen storage airtight ceramic jars for spices, coffee, sugar & pickles

Get hold of your Spoons!

Cooking becomes an elementary task if your favorite wooden or stainless steel cooking spoons are placed where they are easily accessible like right beside the cooking stove. A sturdy & fine-looking kitchen utensil holder or spoon holder can make your job easy. These holders create space for storing cooking spoons, knives, ladles, and regular spoons. Or a kitchen caddy is also a real catch for all-in-one kitchen storage tricks. They can hold the sauces, jams, kitchen oils, and all your silverware without cluttering your kitchen cabinets. (which can be used for other purposes)

Solid wood handmade cutlery spoon holder or kitchen countertops or dining tables.

Some Bonus tips to make your kitchen look organized & neat!

Clean as you go- Have you seen MasterChef (if yes then good, if not then what are you doing?). Our point here is the fundamental tip that we learned from binge-watching all those episodes is to keep cleaning your kitchen countertops as you cook. That means keeping your spices back in their place, if there is any spill or splash cleaning them right away & most importantly washing the dishes right away after dinner or you can do them while cooking too. 

Organize your cleaning cabinet- Your cleaning partners should be accessible so that you can easily grab them when you need them. The most suitable place to store them will be right under the sink cabinet. 

Sweep those floors- It is advisable that you make sure to quickly swipe clean your kitchen floors after using kitchen. As those crumbs or spills can make your kitchen floors look dirty & will only make your work harder for later. 

Give some love to your utensils- Our mothers always used to tell us, if you are not washing the utensils right away then at least fill them with water & guess who was right! Filling or washing the cooking utensils thoroughly with water once will save a lot of your time from scrubbing those stubborn stains on them & will give you shiny utensils too. 

Take help- We almost forget the most important tip- take help to keep your kitchen looking neat, clean, organized & shiny. If it was your turn to cook then ask other family members like your spouse, or your siblings to follow the above tips to clean the kitchen. As we know that cooking is not as easy a task as it seems.