Ways to make your living room look brighter this festive season!

The festive season is approaching fast, which means that it is time to start planning for the dinner parties menus, organizing gifts for every relative & most importantly starting on decorating plans for the get-togethers. The living room is one area of the home that is frequently visited and receives the highest footfalls, it is the hangout hub of the home. Hence, you need to pay extra attention while decorating it. Don’t worry we have some ideas to make your festive decoration stand out. Here are some ways how you can give it a much-needed revamp.

Add Statement Wall Hangings to Living Room Décor

Wall Hangings are the best way to please the guests and catch their attention. However, before adding statement wall hangings, ensure that it complements well with the room's overall décor. You can use tinkle bells hangings for a dramatic look. If you are unsure about wall hangings, you can replace them with hand-painted wall hanging. It is a classic way to eliminate the mundane from the living room.

                    Wooden handmade & handpainted wall hanging & wall decorative for home decoration and festive decor

Illuminate Those Dark & Lonely Looking Corners with Table Top Lamps

A modern yet practical idea for living room decorations is to place wooden lamps in the living room. The lamp will add vibrant décor to your home and is available in rustic shades that gel well with any home décor. It would give your living room a blend of rugged and modern looks. These wooden handmade tabletop lamps will not only illuminate your home but also will add a contemporary look to your living room. And festivities are all about lights!


Handmade & hand-painted wooden table lamp, side table lamps for living room, bedroom or study room

Flaunt Your Love of Reading by Displaying Your Current Reads in a Magazine Holder

Be it a thriller, romantic, biography, or cooking whatever your current read maybe flaunt it as you mean it. Magazine holders are a great way to clear up your console table. Not only do they keep reminding you to resume your reading habits but also captivate the guests' attention and emit immeasurable natural beauty and colorful appearance. And also they can be great conversation starters and speak to your distinct interests.

                                     Handmade wooden magazine holder, book holder for living room organizing and home decor

Unique Flower Vases to Add an Artisanal Touch to Your Living Room

Other than lights adding bright flowers in unique flower vases is one of the easy ways to make a living room look brighter. These vases are a must-have decorating accessory. It is a practical way to make the room look lively. You can either add artificial flowers or real foliage, or these handmade & hand-painted vases are sufficient to add charm to your living room décor without any blooms.


      Handmade & handpainted  ceramic vase, table top vase, long vase for flowers, living room decoration & house decoration    Handmade & hand-painted ceramic table top flower vase for living room decoration & home decoration     

Sprawl a Splash of Color with Handmade Cushion Covers 

The simple living room ideas include adding colorful cushion covers. These covers make your home interior joyful and exuberant. It is an eye-catching furnishing accessory that makes the space look warm and cozy. They come in different embellishments to make your couch inviting. It adds visual pleasure to the room and brings in festive fervor. Moreover, they are hand-crafted and evoke vibrant Indian traditions and culture.


               Handmade cotton ethnic owls patchwork cushion covers for sofa cushions   Handmade cotton ethnic elephants patchwork cushion covers for sofa cushions

Incorporate Lushness to Your Living Room

This festive season, let your green thumb be the talk of the festive get-togethers.  Adding planters to your decoration is always a great idea. They not only add a fresh perspective to your living room but also spread a feeling of warmth. The blooms do not necessarily have to be big, some tiny cute top planters will make the place look lively & vibrant just like that.     


Handmade & handpainted ceramic table top small planters, flower pots for indoor plants, coffee tables, & console tables   Handmade & handpainted ceramic table top small planters, flower pots for indoor plants, coffee tables, & console tables

Bring in the Bling this Festive Season

Last but not the least, add some ethnic elements to the living room. The handmade & hand-painted wooden decorative items instantly amp up the nook or corner of the living room. Place it on a console table, or between your bookshelves, these decorative will bring an instant dose of elegance into the space. Mix in new store-bought elements with existing objects to create a brand-new tableau.


               Handmade & handpainted recycled wood table top decorations for living room & home decoration. Sustainable, eco-friendly & colorful   Handmade & hand-painted ethnic recycled wood table top decorations for living room & home decoration. Sustainable, eco-friendly & colorful

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These decorative accessories will transform the look and feel of your home and make the space look inviting and cozy.