Small changes can be game changers for your dining table

Creating a memorable dining experience isn’t about making and tasting delicious food; it’s also about the presentation. However, making changes to the dining table is seldom a thing. We are not saying to make big changes that may require a big budget & lot of time from your busy schedule. Small changes can also create big differences. From serving trays to fine ceramic dinner sets to notch flatware, adding these small changes to your dining table make a big difference. 
Here are some recommendations that can make your dining experience indulgent & exciting. 

Start with decluttering your dining space

Does your dining space have a corner that is filled with condiment bottles, tissues, spoons, forks & table knives? Then you might need to start decluttering those while giving them their respective places with a caddy. Made with fine Acacia wood, this caddy is perfect to uphold all your necessary dining knick-knacks.  And our pro tip- if you like to enjoy a great picnic with friends & family gathered around a sunny winter afternoon in your garden, then this caddy is also outdoor-friendly. You just need to read a nice picnic spread. 
Kitchen countertop or dining table treated wood caddy with handles for multipurpose

Call the coaster guard!

Keeping your beautiful dining table safe from the evil clutches of stubborn coffee or tea stains is a must. These small wonders will protect your dining surface while giving them a pleasing aesthetic look. Or if you are hosting a get-together, trivets and coasters are a life-saving accessory. The coasters and trivets will play a supporting role in your dinner spread. Oh! and to match these ceramic handmade & hand-painted coasters & trivets we have similar spoon rests too.
 Handmade & hand-painted ceramic and wooden coasters, trivets & spoon rests

If you hate boring basics

Bored of basic & boring no-color cutlery holders? Then meet our creative ceramic cutlery holders or baskets as we like to say. These hand-painted & handmade ceramic cutlery holders are perfect to keep on your dining table and add a nice touch. Swap those old-looking cutlery holders and keep your knives, spoons, and forks all stocked up in one space. They are not good at organization but keep your dining table looking vibrant & colorful. 
Handmade & handcrafted ceramic & wooden cutlery holder & cutlery baskets

If you like salt n spice & everything nice!

In this blog, we are sharing some tips on how small changes can bring big changes to the dining table. Then how can this blog be complete without the mention of our handmade & hand-painted ceramic salt n pepper sets? Most salt n pepper sets can show up on the dinner table looking like an afterthought & maybe a waste of money. But these sleek salt n pepper sets are so noticeable & in a good way. A wide variety to choose from oh also shapes and sizes. 
Handmade and hand-painted ceramic & wooden salt and pepper shakers for dining table & kitchen countertops

Out in the open

A pretty handwoven jute basket will make paint a pretty picture of your dining space just don’t forget to fill them up with colorful pretty fruits. Not only fruits you can store any odds & ends you reach out daily in it. Oh and please don’t misinterpret their sturdiness. They can hold everything in them quite nicely. Trust us!
Handmade & handwoven multipurpose bamboo baskets for kitchen countertop & dining table.

For the one who likes to serve up classic looks!

The uses of serving trays are evolving with every second. Serving trays utility doesn’t only limit serving delicacies to your guest. They have become more than that. They can be used to stack up your favorite breakfast read or your go-to achaar, sauce, or condiment we think you get the idea. 
Treated wood handmade & handpainted serving trays with ethnic and modern touch