Benefits Of Adding Greenery Indoors To Make You Feel Better

As we welcome 2023, many of us must have taken a resolution to become plant parents. And if you are reading this blog then the universe is trying to send a signal for adding plants to your home. These green wonders are a simple way to add vibrancy to your home. Even if you are not born with a green thumb that should not stop you to embrace the beauty that plants and blooms have to offer. 

Still, contemplating if you need to grow your own sanctuary of plants? Then lets us share some of the benefits to help you make up your mind

Helps to get purify the air

Houseplants are good for your health. As we all have learned in our middle school science classes, they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This not only freshens up the surroundings but also eliminates the toxins present in our surroundings. Studies have proven that incorporating indoor plants helps to improve concentration and boost productivity too. 

You can use tabletop planters to remove toxic air from the home and make a noticeable difference in the air quality.

Enhance decor

Plants are an easy and gorgeous way to jazz up any corner of the house be it the living room, balcony, bedroom, or even kitchen. Adorn your windowsills with succulents or cacti (if you are brave enough). If you feel that your coffee table is looking kinda boring in your living room then think of adding a small tabletop planter to add some fun. 

The most inexpensive way of adding vibrancy to your kitchen is to grow money plant stem on your fridge with magnetic planters. These planters let you stay close to nature. Or if you are already a master in growing plants then try growing some of the herbs in small ceramic pots like parsley, thyme, or lemon grass which can be used in your daily cooking too. 


Ceramic table top planters for your coffee table, side tables, entryways or console table


Add a positive vibe 

An indoor garden can refuge from the outside world. It will not only bring you great joy but also will help you develop good qualities like developing a sense of empathy, making you a person with more patience, and making you more of a happy person. Seeing greenery around your surrounding makes you feel relaxed and calm and create a soothing environment too.

Nothing adds more beauty and comfort to your home than adding lush green foliage. There is not a place that these green wonders can’t be added to. 


Plants can breathe life and color into any property. When kept inside the home, ceramic planters evoke peacefulness and calmness. It uplifts your moods and transforms the space into a peaceful oasis. It relaxes your mind and improves your focus too. And in turn, indoor plants help you to improve your focus and productivity too. These plants reduce distraction and enhance your way of living.


Ceramic table top planters for your coffee table, side tables, entryways or console table


Reduces stress

If you are most of the time in stress then maybe it's time to think of potting plants or adding greenery to your home, Studies have proven that staying close the nature helps to overcome stress & anxiety, and actively maintaining it reduces stress from your mind and let you focus on the present. A home with more indoor plants tends to be happier with less stress and fatigue. 

Seeing your plant babies grow will make feel happier, cheerful and jovial. 

Adds color to your home

If you wish to add a rivet of colors to your home without undertaking a full-blown painting job, the best way to do it is to add indoor plants to the home. These plants add muted color palettes to the home and create a relaxing, earthy ambiance.


Ceramic table top planters for your coffee table, side tables, entryways or console table


Increases humidity & reduces noise 

It is common to feel that atmosphere of your home has some dryness to it. Plants release moisture vapor as a part of the photosynthesis process and therefore it helps to add humidity to the air. Just plant as many plants as you want and put them together and it will increase the humidity level of the room. 

The lesser-known benefit of adding indoor plants to the home is that it also helps to reduce noise pollution around the house. This happens because the plant’s stem, roots, and leaves absorb the sound. 

Bottom Line

Investing in plants are interior important for outdoor as well as indoor interiors. They will keep your connection with nature intact. Hence, we at VarEesha offer you enormous reasons to embrace greenery with pride. We have a collection of magnetic planters, ceramic table top planters, and metallic planters that will give your space a renewed look. It will endow beauty, grace, and health benefits with style.