Why switch from plastic jars to ceramic jars?

Your food storage game will get upgraded with ceramic jars. They are all rounder as they are eco-friendly, sustainable, non-reactive & food safe. We can think of a zillion of ways to use ceramic jars, especially jars with air-tight wooden lids. Ceramic jars are not only aesthetic to look at but also they are affordable, sustainable, functional, practical, and multi-purposeful. So many features in a single handmade ceramic jar, impressive right?

Even though we have given quite a lot of reasons for ‘why to use a ceramic jar instead of a plastic or glass jar?’ in the above paragraph, you still may have some questions related to versatile ceramic jars. So this blog is just for you. In this blog, we will be covering the following topic-

  • What can be stored in ceramic jars?
  • Are ceramic jars reactive to certain food items?
  • Why switch from plastic jars to ceramic jars?

So let’s start


Handmade ceramic air-tight jars for kitchen


What can be stored in Ceramic Jars?

Ceramic is one of the most durable & food-safe materials out there in the market. They are perfect to store all most every food item. Be it nuts, coffee, sugar, tea leaves, spices, achaars or even chutneys. If you are wondering if a ceramic jar is worth your hard-earned money then we would be standing right beside you giving you a thumbs up. 

Ceramic jars are baked at high temperatures and glazed with lead-free glazes. Moreover, they keep the inner condiments fresh compared to any other material.

A list of things that can be stored in

  • Achaar
  • Chutney
  • Dry-fruits
  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Home-made Jams
  • Sauces

Are ceramic jars reactive to certain food items?

Ceramic jars are said to be the least reactive. Ceramic jars work well for many dry ingredients as well as the ingredients that contain moisture. Some materials used to store food, such as plastic or rubber, become brittle over time or shrink when washed. not ceramic though! The ceramic containers may be used repeatedly and cleaned consistently without losing their shape or becoming discolored. Ceramic storage jars keep the food fresh & free of staling the inner condiments. 

This is one of the greatest benefits of ceramic storage jars that we can keep food like namkeen, dry fruits, nuts, coffee beans, sugar, salt, and even achaars, and chutney in for a longer time.

So if you want to preserve the taste of the food items,  Ceramic storage jars are the only way to go!

Handmade ceramic air-tight jars for kitchen

Why switch from plastic jars to ceramic jars?

If your cupboard is still full of wonky plastic jars then you may have to rethink your kitchen storage & organization choices. While initially buying new storage containers or jars is a little time-consuming and also heavy on your pocket but they will outlast for years. 

While plastic jars are cheaper than other jars, they are not sustainable, contain harmful toxins, and leave behind a nasty flavor & smell to the condiments stored in them.

On the other hand, ceramic jars are sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic jars are versatile in nature. They are quite a combination of aesthetics & practicality. Not only that there is more to ceramic jars, they are microwave-safe, fridge-safe, dishwasher-safe & food-safe. Ceramic jars add beauty & functionality to your home & kitchen. 

Handmade ceramic air-tight jars for kitchen

If you are looking for kitchen containers, the options are endless. While every jar comes with a benefit, we are more inclined towards ceramic jars because they are made from food-grade material, cost-effective, durable, sturdy, plastic free alternative and soft in the environment. In these jars, you can store every imaginable thing. Moreover, it will effectively organize your kitchen and give your home a new spin. 

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